Welded Assemblies

Fab Metal, LLC has MIG and TIG welders, spot welders, stud welders, and robotic welding. No matter how complicated your weldment is, Fab Metal, LLC has the professionals to handle the job.

Welded assemblies as accurate as ±0.010" (±0.20 mm) overall
  • Miller Synchrowave 250 TIG Welders
  • Miller Synchrowave 350 TIG Welder
  • Miller Synchrowave 300 TIG Welder
  • (2) Miller CP-252TS (250-Amp) MIG Welder w/ Push-Pull Guns
  • TECNA-20kV Spot Welder
  • Hyd-Mech S20A Automatic Band Saw
  • Nelson NCD150 Stud Welder
  • Robotic Fusion Arc Welding Cell modified with OTC/Daihen Almega AX-V6L     robot with DR400 pulse welder

Watch a Video of Fab Metal, LLC's Robot (4.2MB .mov file)