Company History

Fab Metal, LLC began in the summer of 1992 with five employees. Initially formed as a partnership, the company emerged with an initial goal to provide a full range of high quality fabricated parts and assemblies to the small and mid sized manufacturing firms. In June of 1997, the company was chartered as a Limited Liability Corporation with Lynn Lowe as the Owner and President. Over the ensuing years, Fab Metal, LLC has grown steadily in size and capability. During that period the company formed many lasting relationships with those first customers, many of which have had considerable growth themselves (one early customer going from a couple of employees, in a garage, to a large company with over 600 million dollars in annual sales). Our customers have put Fab Metal, LLC ’s parts into some of the most sophisticated scientific and diagnostic equipment in the world, including that of the NASA Space Program. Therefore, we take great pride in working with those customers and what these customers are accomplishing with our products.